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Raditz And Nappa To Appear In Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is going to come out within two months from now, and this is when we’ll be getting most of the details about the plot of the movie. Today, we have an interesting bit of information from the movie to share with you all, and yes, it involves the Saiyan race once again. As you may know already, the Saiyan race will be featured heavily in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

We will get to see a lot of flashbacks, and the movie is basically about the remaining Saiyans in the first place. In the second trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we saw how Goku, Vegeta, and Broly we’re like when they were born, and how their destinies were put on their shoulders. Whatever they have gone through, they have managed to get through it and survive, which has made them what they are today. However, interestingly, they aren’t the only Saiyan kids that we’ll be seeing in the movie.

Raditz And Nappa In Dragon Ball Super: Broly

According to the spoilers, Kid Raditz will also be making an appearance in the movie. For those of you who don’t know Raditz, he was the very first villain of Dragon Ball Z and was killed at the hands of Goku and Piccolo. Raditz was powerful enough to beat Goku on his own. After his death, he wasn’t all that relevant to the story of Dragon Ball Z.

Nappa Dragon Ball Super Broly

But, the movie will bring him back, and we’ll probably see a flashback of him around the time when Goku was seen to Earth by Gine and Bardock, and Broly was sent on a suicide mission by King Vegeta. Along with him, Nappa will also be making an appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and you will probably see him with Vegeta once again. I’m excited to see the old Nappa with hair and let’s hope it that he does something cool in the movie as well. We’ll likely find out bits about the movie before the World Premiere on November 14, 2018. If you want to avoid spoilers from the movie, November will be a very difficult month for you all.

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